Conferenze internazionali

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Cross-lab subjective evaluation of the MVC+D and 3D-AVC 3d video coding standards
QoMEX 2014, Singapore, September 18-20 2014
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Personalized fruition of Cultural Heritage in a City Environment
International SERIES on Information Systems and Management in Creative eMedia, n. 3, September 2013
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Towards the certification of cloud services
IEEE 2013 International Workshop On Security and Privacy Engineering, Assurance, and Certification (SPEAC 2013), Santa Clara, CA, USA, June 27th-July 2nd, 2013
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Fostering Social Interaction of Home-bound Elderly People: the EasyReach System
26th International Conference on Industrial, Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems ( IEA/AIE 2013), Amsterdam, June 17-21, 2013
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Complete Digital Television Platform Based on Optical Fiber Access Architecture
Fotonica 2013, Milano, 21-23 maggio 2013
Matera F.
Simple Performance Calculation for Multilevel Optical Transmission Systems Operating in the Dispersion Management Regime
Fotonica 2013, Milano, 21-23 maggio 2013
Matera F., Valenti A., Coiro A., Listanti M.
Comparison Among Energy Saving Techniques Operating at IP and Optical Layer in Wide WDM Networks
Fotonica 2013, Milano, 21-23 maggio 2013
Maier G., Pattavina A., Siracusa D., Valenti A., Matera F.
Advantages of a content delivery network Architecture based on WDM and carrier Ethernet Multicasting”
Fotonica 2013, Milano, 21-23 maggio 2013