Programme Assigned to FUB by MPEG
Duration 8th August 2010 – 31th December 2011
Participants Fondazione Ugo Bordoni

The project is devoted to the execution of the formal subjective assessment tests to evaluate the proposal for a new technology in multichannel video synthesis and compression. MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group) assigned to FUB the responsibility of the design and logistic organisation of the 3D video quality assessment, the very first one ever made to that date.
During 2011 MPEG begun the process for the evaluation of new technologies in the 3DV area and, as evidence of new technology was made available, it launched the Call for Proposal for 3DV.

The new standard will found application in both the multimedia and TV areas; in this last case the 3DV standard has be considered as an evolution of the current Stereo Broadcasting standard currently already in force in many countries all over the world.
FUB designed and coordinated these tests, both in the design of new evaluation procedures and in the logistic activity of coordination of many international Laboratories in the execution of the tests. These tasks were important and challenging for the complete absence of standards and previous experience in the area of 3D subjective evaluation of multi-view video signals.

More in details the design of the tests included three different evaluation procedures for video signal derived from:

  • three predefined video channels
  • three video channels randomly selected for a set of 32
  • 28 video channels selected for a set of 32 (for the auto-stereo video representation)

The preparation of all the above involved the synthesis of more than half of the test material at the FUB premises, where the random selection of the video channel was made in secret way, not known by any of the Participants to the Call for Proposals.
For the evaluation phase FUB, even if having the complete responsibility of the design, statistical processing and final presentation of the results, was supported by 12 laboratories coming form all over the world (TUM - Germania, UPM - Spain, CRC - Canada, Yonsei - Korea, FT - France, QMUL – UK, ACREO - Sweden, NTNU - Norway, Univ. of Poitiers - France, UBC - Canada, EPFL - Switzerland, SISVEL - Italy, ISCOM – Italy).

Last but not least the logistic side of this activity, that involved a huge exchange of video material between the various participants, that led to a total of AVI and YUV video files widely exceeding 40 terabytes.