Accessible Personalised Services In PDTS for all

Programme Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
Duration 1st April 2011 – 31th march 2014
Participants Fondazione Ugo Bordoni
La Caixa
Information Technologies Institute
John Gill Technology
Egal Plus
Pader Sprinter
Sito web http://www.apsis4all.eu/

The APSIS4all (Accessible Personalised Services In PDTS for all) consortium was set up to overcome the existing accessibility barriers faced by disabled people, older people and people who are not familiar with ICT when interacting with Public Digital Terminals (PDTs), such as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs).

APSIS4all will increase user satisfaction, regardless of disability, age or digital literacy, by providing new, customised interaction modes, including adaptive interfaces and interaction through the user’s mobile, thus offering users a truly personalised service adapted to their needs and preferences.

Partially funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT-PSP programme, APSIS4all is a three-year project led by Technosite. It brings together 12 partners from all over Europe, including service providers, PDT developers, R&D organizations and user organizations. The accessible, usable and personalised services will be deployed by 2013 in real-life settings in 65 ATMs of “la Caixa” in Barcelona (Spain), and in 24 TVMs of Höft & Wessel in Paderborn (Germany).