The digitalization of PA develops in two main areas: e-government and e-governance. The term e-government refers to service and process innovation carried out by public administrations through the use of ICT. The term e-governance refers to the application of ICT to public policy models with regard to transparency and participation in the decisions of the public management.

FUB provides scientific and technological support to PAs for the introduction of new digital technologies with the aim of reducing costs and improving the effectiveness of services.

These activities include:

  • support to the Italian Patent and Brand Office [Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi] with regard to various application fields:
    • creation of a Quality Management system
    • personal data management
    • monitoring techniques applied to complex processes that exploit function points metric
  • adjustment to the latest quality standards of a speech-recognition system created by FUB and applied to legal settings and investigations
  • experimentation of automatic transcription of hearings