Network and information security will play a decisive role in the success of new democratic participation models (e-government, e-democracy) and new business models (e-commerce, e-banking, mobile payments).

Nowadays, the achievement of a high level of security in communication networks is necessary to guarantee top quality performance of critical infrastructures. They include electrical systems, communication networks, air, water, rail and road transportation networks, the healthcare system, financial networks, etc.

On the one hand,the growing interdependence of these structures has driven improvements in their effectiveness and quality while reducing costs. On the other hand, it has generated new unexpected vulnerabilities. Consequently, the protection of infrastructures plays a vital role in the life of both citizens and state.

In addition, the growing mobility of persons and things are creating a need for new intelligent transportation systems (ITS).


  • (Certification infrastrUcture for MUlti-Layer cloUd Services)
    Seventh Framework Programme

  • (Domino effects modelling infrastructures collapse)
    Seventh Framework Programme

  • (Developing strategic level training for crisis management)
    Seventh Framework Programme

  • (Satellite Application For Emergency handling, Traffic alerts, Road safety and Incident Prevention)
    Seventh Framework Programme

In depth

FUB has explored the development of mobile payment.