Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB) is a Cultural and Research Institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development acknowledged by law 3/2003.

Law 69/2009 defined the identity of the Fondazione as a body governed by public law, as recently  also recognized by the State's Attorney legal advice. The new charter confirms the impartial and independent nature of the Fondazione, and assigns it a public governance which allows it to provide support and consultancy to public administrations and independent authorities.

The ability of FUB to combine ICT (Information and Communication Technology) research with public interest services contributes to the protection of citizens.

Born in 1952 within the Ministry of Postal and Telecommunications service, the Fondazione boasts a solid tradition of research and applied studies in the telecommunications field, committed to bridging the gap between pure and applied research.

The Fondazione aims at identifying innovative solutions for broadband communications and new generation networks to meet the challenges posed by technological convergence. After having developed a solid expertise in the field of communication networks, FUB has extended the range of its activities to ICT.

FUB's mission also includes a strong commitment to education and promotion of public debate concerning the technological and industrial development in Italy.

Ugo Bordoni

Ugo Bordoni was born in Rome in 1884.

At age 22, he graduated in engineering from the University of Rome and in 1923 he was appointed to the chair of Technical Physics. He devoted himself to the study of Thermotechnics, Thermodynamics and Acoustics.

In the early 30s he devoted himself to the development of the Telephone Industry. Upon the establishment of STET Company he was appointed President and retained this position until his death in 1952.

When the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications gave his name to the newly formed Foundation for scientific research in the field of telecommunications, established it as a non-profit organization in 1952.