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ForumTAL (Forum on Automatic Treatment of Language)

ForumTAL  was created in 2002, on the initiative of the Ministry of Communications, with the aim of coordinating research and development initiatives in the field of TAL (Automatic Treatment of Language) and to promote new initiatives for the use of this technology with regard to applications in Public Administration. To achieve these objectives the Forum is made up of entrepreneurial components, representatives of research and user representatives, in particular the Public Administrations. The objectives of the Forum can be summarised as follows:

  1. to monitor the activities of bodies and institutions dealing with TAL, in order to achieve greater synergies, stimulate new interests and identify the needs of potential users, especially in the PA;

  2. to promote research and development of highly innovative linguistic tools;

  3. to study the initiatives for the market and the development of national industry;

  4. to promote public and private investment, including for the protection of the Italian language and its spread throughout the world;

  5. to study the evolution of TAL with particular attention to the development of European initiatives;

  6. to promote the use of the Italian language abroad, with particular reference to its use in other European offices.

The ForumTAL organised over the years a number of national and international conferences, and has established relationships with leading scientific groups on the subject of job, AISV, CLIC, EVALITA, and major Italian companies.