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Assistance to MiSE on TV Broadcasting
Assistance and Support to Ministry of Economic Development to comply with the Law n. 75/2001
Ministry of Economic Development

Revision of documents already published by MiSE taking into account the requirementsof the courts's judgments, derived from the different nature of the disputes.


The achievement of the objectives is essential for the pronouncements of the courts, but also because such acts may affect the process of rationalisation of radio spectrum licensed to the local broadcasters. The resolution of disputes is critically important within the definition of the national strategy for the release of the 700 MHz band.


To assign frequencies to local TV operators, the law provides that the Ministry, with the FUB support, prepare a ranking for each technical area or region, involved in the transition to digital terrestrial television.

The ranking criteria are those imposed by law:

  1. amount of equity, net of losses
  2. number of employees with fixed-term employment contract
  3. value of the radio electric coverage of the population
  4. experience of the company, also with regard to radio electric coverage.

The main activities are related to the calculation of radioelectric coverage based on a proper algorithm.