Daniele Perucchini

Daniele Perucchini

Daniele Perucchini was born in 1958 and took his "Laurea" degree in Electronic Engineering in 1984.

During last years his main activity is mainly focused on Critical infrastructure (CIs) Protection and, in particular, on the analisys of CI’s interdependencies and on “domino” effects” due to severe failures of one of more CIs.

On these issues, he supports European Commission activities, being stated as CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) Expert and supporting the activities of the Expert group on interdependencies between the ICT and electricity sector.

In Italy, he supports variuos Institutional activities and, in particular, he contributed to the Study Group on cybersecurity (Decree of President of the Council of Ministers) and he is member of the Big Risk Commission.

Formerly, he was involved in ICT security evaluation, both for classified and for commercial systems/products.

He is author/coauthor of more than 130 scientific papers published both in international and national proceedings.

For further details, please see the full Curriculum Vitae.