Marco Bianchi


Dr. Marco Bianchi received the Degree with honours from the University of “La Sapienza” (Rome, Italy) in 2001 and the Ph.D. degree from the University of L’Aquila (L’Aquila, Italy) in 2006, both in Computer Science.

Since 2011, he is a researcher at Fondazione Ugo Bordoni. He is currently working on Distributed Information Retrieval systems and Real-time Sentiment Analysis techniques applied to social networks.

His main research interests include Information Retrieval, Web Mining, Machine Learning and Knowledge Management issues. He has a high adaptability and flexibility developed by a multi-field applied research and consultant activity. He is particularly interested in applying research results in the Public Administrations domain (e-Gov).

Marco is very experienced in open source frameworks for development of large-scale retrieval applications, with a working knowledge in open source machine learning tools. He also has excellent knowledge of Java language and technologies, design patterns, agile development methods and tools and both academic and working knowledge in paradigms and technologies for distributed computing and Big data.

Since 2003 he is adjunct professor at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata University".