Michele Cornacchia


Degree in Physics, had leading work experience in multivariate statistics techniques applied to data on atomic fission and on automatic speech recognition. Since the 1986 at Fondazione Ugo Bordoni he concerned with the issues of human computer interaction (voice interfaces) and usability in the areas of emerging telecommunication system and services. With the group of Human Factors he attended a number of national and international works and projects, i.e. a socio-organisational survey committed by the Italian Communication Ministry, some COST actions and the European Project RACE 1065 ISSUE. On 1992 he received his Master’s degree and Specialisation in Organisational Science and in the next years he was involved with mediated communication and telework. He took part in the national project “Monitoring of the Italian e.m. fields” and as well as he was the group leader for the final product evaluation in ePerSpace (IST-506775), an Integrated Project under EU FP6 dedicated to the development of integrated, personalised communication services in the home area. As for the modelling, design and execution of the performance evaluation by the end-user, he has recently managed the final phase of the EU PANDORA Project (FP7-ICT-2007-1-225387) - Advanced Training Environment for Crisis Scenarios. He is the author/contributor of many scientific papers and books.