Sebastiano Mario Trigila

Sebastiano Trigila


Sebastiano was born in Syracuse in 1955 and lived in Sicily until 1972, when he moved to Rome. He received his Master Degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 1980. Since then, he has been working with FUB under different roles: research fellow, researcher (from 1982), research group leader, expert delegate to international standard bodies and manager of research projects co-funded by the European Commission (1987-2002), coordinator of key national projects awarded to FUB by the Italian Ministry of Communications (2002-2007), Technical Assistant to the Director of Research for relations and scientific internetworking with other institutes, for scientific scouting and dissemination (from 2007 to date).

Specifically, he served as the FUB delegate to CEPT, ITU and ISO committees and working groups, and as coordinator of several EU-funded projects (CTS, RACE, ACTS and IST Programs). He was the Technical coordinator of the national Project "Transition to Digital Terrestrial Television" (2002-2006), awarded to FUB by the Ministry of Communications, and the Chief Project Officer for the National Program of Trial Projects for T-Government services to the citizens, promoted by the Ministry of Communications (2005-2007). In 2006, under the auspices of FUB, he has founded the HD Forum Italia Association, for the uptake of High Definition television in Italy and for the harmonization of technical specifications – applicable at national level – dealing with high definition media content formats and receivers. After serving as the initial ad-interim chairman, since 2007 he covers the position of Vice President Deputy of HD Forum Italia.

Recently he has been acting as Financial Manager of the DOMINO Project (JLS/CIPS Programme of the European Commission) and Managing Coordinator of IRMA Project (European Regional Development Fund Program).

He is also author of about one hundred twenty publications, in the field of communications protocols and architectures, communications software technology, service engineering, and interactive and high definition digital television. He has been teaching in several specialization courses and seminars, at national and international level.