Gabriele Vecchia

Foto Vecchia

He graduated in Engineering in Computer Science at “Sapienza” University of Rome with the master’s thesis “Design and Implementation of a blockchain-based e-voting mechanism for democratic governance in cloud federations”, carried out during a research period at the University of Southampton and integrated into the EU funded project “SUNFISH” for the Horzon2020 R&D.

After the research experience at the University of Southampton he continued the R&D in Cyber Security working for “CINI – Cybersecurity National Lab”, dealing with data intelligence/analytics projects.

In FUB since 2020, he his in the area of Cyber Security and mainly works at MiSE on the design and development of the “Centro di Valutazione e di Certificazione Nazionale”, contributing to the definition of the security tests that will be performed on the products within the “Perimetro di Sicurezza Nazionale”.