5G trial monitoring in genoa – Vodafone

Monitoring and verification of projects aimed at the safety of road infrastructures in the Genoa area through trials based on 5G technology, financed according to the MIMIT Decree, in agreement with MIT, on 25/09/2019.


The trial of 5G in Italy pursues the twofold goal of testing pre-commercial services by screening technological and market opportunities, as well as of providing the Country with the opportunity to verify the benefits. Project monitoring ensures that winning proposals are developed according to the established commitments and provides the Country with the elements with which to estimate technology-induced benefits.


The Project aims to provide smart road solutions, based on 5G technologies, for the safety of road infrastructure. It specifically addresses the Municipality of Genoa, which handles road infrastructure monitoring, traffic management and road safety issues. The monitoring activity is crucial in the context of the trial for the drafting of the 5G Roadmap.


The Project plans to monitor and assess the course of the 5G trial in the Genoa area. The trial is aimed at providing smart road solutions based on 5G technologies. Vodafone’s 5G commercial network will be used for the field trial phase of the use cases envisaged in the project proposal. The topics covered are smart mobility and infrastructure safety, allowing the development of four use cases that go in the directions required by the MIMIT call for proposals and that specifically address the Municipality of Genoa, which handles road infrastructure monitoring, traffic management and road safety issues.
The implementation of the Project is carried out by a consortium consisting of Vodafone, as lead partner, and the following partners: the National Research council, Leonardo, AMT Genoa, Start 4.0 and the Municipality of Genoa.


The monitoring of projects pertaining to the 5G paradigm becomes more widespread the higher the complexity of the proposed projects. The activities mainly concern:

  • Planning and coordination of the monitoring and verification process
  • Verification of the implementation times of networks and services
  • Assessment of the technical quality of the implementation of the awarded projects
  • Assessment of the project with regard to the social and economic utility of the implemented services
  • Assessment of the degree of involvement of institutions, Public Authorities and the business community.


These verifications are carried out both through the quarterly documentation submitted by the lead partner and through on-site inspections every six months.

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