Expansion and extension of RI.SI.CO. (Search Counterfeit Sites) framework.

The Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, on behalf of the Dgtpi-Uibm, studies and implements innovative identification tools of counterfeiting sites through the use of automatic learning methods.


The objective of the project is the evolution of the RI.SI.CO. framework (Search for Counterfeit Sites), able to automatically identify the counterfeiting in web sites present in the search engine results related to a specific brand and product. The elaboration of the results of Ri.SI.CO. will allow the study of the phenomenon of online counterfeiting and the creation of a free personalized reporting service aimed at companies


  • Societal impact: via reports and data aggregations it will facilitate the understanding of the phenomenon of counterfeiting websites and will provide a knowledge base to support policy makers.
  • Economic impact: via a service provided by the Dgtpi-Uibm and aimed at companies to simplify the adoption of effective measures to defend brands and made in Italy.
  • Academic impact: via scientific publications based on automatic learning methods for the discovery and analysis of counterfeiting web sites.


The Directorate General for the Fight against Counterfeiting – Italian Patent and Trademark Office (Dgtpi-Uibm) of Ministry of Economic Development has entered into an agreement with the Foundation Ugo Bordoni for technical support and development activities. The RI.SI.CO. (Search for Counterfeit Sites) project is one of the planned activities and focuses on the topic of counterfeit electronic commerce sites. The planning of the activities of the RI.SI.CO. is organized into three workpackages:

  • Workpackage 1

The expansion and extension of the RI.SI.CO. will be carried out on the basis of the following internal upgrades:

    • Maintenance and updating of the RI.SI.CO. demonstrator
    • Upgrading of RI.SI.CO. search engine querying components
    • Improvement, updating and evaluation of the classification process of RI.SI.CO.
    • Internationalization of RI.SI.CO.
    • Adaptation of RI.SI.CO. to new brands and commercial sectors
    • Optimization of computational efficiency and robustness of RI.SI.CO.
    • Post-processing of the output of RI.SI.CO.


  • Workpackage 2

This activity consists in the design and implementation of a service aimed at companies to obtain access to the RI.SI.CO. and to a personalized reporting through data visualization technologies. Data such as the list of sites in violation, comparative analysis with respect to other brands, the focus on clusters of the most dangerous sites, the focus on identification data, will be made available for each company.


  • Workpackage 3

This activity consists of a scientific and technical support to counterfeiting activities carried out by the Dgtpi-Uibm through in-depth analyzes concerning matters of interest in relation to the protection of trademarks, patents and designs, and violations of intellectual property.

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