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The Networks Area comprehends solid competences and covers projects regarding design, implementation and operations of fixed telecommunications networks, as well as their hybridisation with other sorts of networks (i.e. 5G and Smart Grids). Skills present in the Area cover network design, resource optimisation and information management in all layers of the OSI model, including expertise on Net Neutrality with provision of technical means to verify Traffic Management techniques.


Development of 5G and IoT and connected services drives Network Area to farm competences able to address both, hybrid fixed/mobile networks (especially 5G), as well as use and development of network virtualization and management software.


In particular, the Area is focussing on consolidating the following skills:


  1. Network and service quality in fixed and mobile networks;

  2. IoT and Smart Grids;

  3. 5G vertical applications;

  4. traffic management with Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) techniques;

  5. use of AI and “deep learning” methodology;

  6. es in 5G network management.


This focus on 5G and IoT - technologies crossing many economic sectors - by Networks Area translates in a high attention to extending the diversity of public authorities to carry out new projects with. An example being the Smart Roads agreement signed with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures and with the Ministry of Economic Development.


FUB carries out research activities in this Area, as reflected in numerous publications and conference proceedings - often in partnership with major international scientific bodies - as well as in European research projects participation.


Ministry of Economic Development

Monitoring and verification of 5G projects developed within the pre-commercial trials in radio spectrum 3.6 - 3.8 GHz. Public Notice of 16 March 2017 (Determine Directorate Prot. N 18436).

Ministry of Economic Development, RSE

The aim of the project is to evaluate the 5G network performance in the energy sector, by considering specific use cases to promote "smart energy" applications based on capillary monitoring and reliable information of the power grid.


Implementation and deployment of Italian NRA Resolution 244/08/CSP, concerning the measurements of Internet fixed access service quality. Measurements refer to network performance both at the end user's home and at regional measurement points.

Ministry of Economic Development

The project aims to support the Italian Ministry of Economic Development in activities for the exploitation of the 5G technology and the efficient management of the radio spectrum (paragraph 1041 of Law 205/2017).

Ministry of Economic Development

The project aims at supporting the Italian Ministry of Economic Development to deal with refarming of the 700MHz band for allocation to 5G technology and with a roadmap for deployment of 5G networks, services and applications, in Italy, until 2022.