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Fondazione Ugo Bordoni provides government bodies and Independent Authorities with technological tools and scientific and technological know-how in order to foster progress and technical innovation, and to promote dissemination of digital culture.

FUB carries out it’s activities with independence as trusted third party aiming at maximising the benefits of innovation for the development and modernisation of the Country, for the protection and empowerment of citizenship, and for institution-building.

In particular, Fondazione Bordoni pursues the following objectives: 

Image Mission


Fondazione develops twofold activities:

  1. Promote technological innovation for the development and modernisation of the Country;

  2. Transfer know-how for the digitisation of public administrations;

  3. Supply scientific and technical support to institutions and enterprises;

  4. Cultivate innovation research at an international level;

  5. Foresee scenarios and supply tools for the protection of citizenship;

  6. Serve as a reference point to administrations, academia and industry.

Fondazione Ugo Bordoni is a research institution devoted to technological development , with sound expertise in communication networks and ICT.


FUB identifies innovative solutions for the provision of wideband and new generation networks, while foresight scenarios and fieldwork ensure high awareness of end users’ needs with great benefits for the consumer protection.


Fondazione develops twofold activities:

  1. Scientific research in the field of information and communication technologies

  2. Consultancy for the promotion of technology innovation

TLC/ICT research – more recently in the wider scenario of Information Technology – is its driving force but also the precondition for succeeding the consultancy activities.

Boost the scientific progress and the technological innovation of the Country, supporting Public Administrations,


Carry out frontier research in ICT and TLC,


Face new challenges and implement concrete technological solutions - according to international standards and regulations - based on reliability, transparency, and pubb/private client satisfaction.








These are the values of Fondazione Ugo Bordoni