Immagine Analisi Dati

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Area comprehends projects in information retrieval, data mining and big data, as well as scenario analyses based on data, such as economic and…

Immagine Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Area comprehends projects regarding information and network security. Deployment of new generation networks, including heterogeneous access networks such as 5G and IoT will…



The Networks Area comprehends solid competences and covers projects regarding design, implementation and operations of fixed telecommunications networks, as well as their hybridisation with other…

Immagine Servizi Digitali

Digital Services

Digital Services Area groups projects supporting public administrations in design, implementation, and management of digital services to the citizen. Digital Services Area beholds competences in…

Immagine spettro

Radio Spectrum

Radio frequencies are the basic elements of radio spectrum, and they constitute the fundamental asset for radio communications. This natural resource asks to be managed…

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