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The Data Analytics Area covers projects of information retrieval, data mining and big data, as well as scenario analyses based on data, such as economic and market analyses of ICT development.


The Cyber Security Area covers projects regarding information and network security. The deployment of the latest generation of networks, including heterogeneous access networks, such as 5G and IoT, will be combined with AI and blockchain technologies to increase the network connections to a number of services and infrastructures.


The Digital Services Area brings together projects that support public administrations in the design, implementation and management of digital services for the citizen. The Digital Services Area has a wide range of expertise in process analysis and the design and development of services used by citizens, and it delivers technological platforms and tools for the swift, structured and certified control of information flows and organizational processes.


The Telecommunications Area - Networks and Spectrum, brings together knowledge and skills in the field of fixed, mobile and broadcast networks. This area works on projects related to the design, implementation and management of telecommunication networks (TLC), where the individual network segments are considered within a unified vision of planning and management, mirroring the process in fifth-generation networks (5G). Additionally, the area carries out projects involving the integration of telecommunication networks with other types of networks, such as electricity grids, road networks, industrial districts and all those vertical sectors that can benefit from telecommunications through more efficient and secure management and the provision of new digital-based services.


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