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Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Area covers projects regarding information and network security. The deployment of the latest generation of networks, including heterogeneous access networks, such as 5G and IoT, will be combined with AI and blockchain technologies to increase the network connections to a number of services and infrastructures.

Head: Franco Guida

Issues connected to information and services protection, in terms of privacy, availability and integrity, require increasing attention to cybersecurity in order to effectively combat network threats.


Information breaches can strike services and data operated by companies, public administrations, health, critical infrastructure and defence networks. Such breaches can also harm citizens, who are already exposed to a number of cyberthreats to their own data. Projects in this Area are designed to combat unlawful acts by hackers, fraudsters or terrorists, on one hand, and protect privacy against commercial firms seeking users’ personal information for trading purposes, on the other. The fundamental rights of citizens must also be kept secure in the information society, including data portability, the right to be forgotten, digital identity and the principle of responsibility on the part of service providers.


In the near future, cybersecurity will play a strategic role in many economic sectors. The Fondazione Ugo Bordoni possesses invaluable knowledge for serving that purpose and has specifically developed the following skills:


  • ICT security certification, specifically, providing the Economic Development Ministry with expertise in order to implement the “National plan for cybernetic protection and information security
  • Smart grid security;
  • Cybersecurity in highly strategic areas such as 5G, AI, IoT, and Blockchain.


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