Innovative procurement contracts

Research and development services on technical pre-feasibility studies for the design and implementation of R&D (Smart Public Calls for Tender)

The Project provides research and development services concerning technical pre-feasibility studies for the design of smart public calls for tender and scientific and technical support for the implementation of the related innovation procurement contracts.


The purpose of the Project is the provision to AGID of research and development services, pursuant to Article 158 paragraph 1 of the Public Contracts Code, aimed at the design of smart public calls for tender and scientific and technical support for the implementation of the related innovation procurement contracts, referred to in the Collaboration Agreement between the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy and AGID signed on 03/07/2019 and within the so-called “Smarter Italy” programme.


The Project contributes to promoting the dissemination of Innovative Procurement Contracts, i.e. procedures aimed at revolutionising the methods and purpose of PA tendering. Through Innovative Procurement Contracts, the PA challenges the market, expressing its needs and leaving operators free to propose the most suitable technical solution, with the intention of filling the gap created when the market does not have ready-made solutions to meet the PA’s needs.


The activities envisaged by the AGID-FUB contract fall within the scope of the “Smarter Italy” programme, an innovation procurement contract programme promoted by MIMIT, Mur and Mid, and implemented by AGID in its capacity as central procurement body.


The first Areas of the programme’s intervention are:

  • smart mobility, aimed at substantially improving services for the mobility of people and goods in urban areas;
  • enhancement of cultural heritage, the aim being the economic and tourist enhancement of areas of historical and artistic importance;
  • social and personal well-being, aimed at improving the psycho-physical state of citizens;
  • protection of the environment, aimed at improving the environmental situation in all its aspects.


Within each Area of intervention, Challenges of innovation are defined that qualify the innovation needs following a public consultation process involving Public Administrations and market operators (companies, start-ups, universities, research centres, etc.).


For each Challenge, a procurement procedure is subsequently performed; among those typical of innovation procurement, there are the following: Pre-commercial procurement, competitive dialogue, innovation partnership, etc.


In this context, FUB supports AGID with activities aimed at verifying feasibility and defining research and/or innovation projects. The actions of the FUB are divided into four main activities:

  • definition of the research problem addressed by the Challenge;
  • elaboration of the technical-scientific state of the art and analysis of patent novelty relating to the subject of the Challenge;
  • feasibility study of a research and/or innovation project that will form the basis of the innovation procurement contract;
  • useful insights into the drafting of answers to requests for clarification and support for authentic interpretation concerning the feasibility study.

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