Claudia Carciofi

Graduated in Electronics and Computer Engineering at the University of Bologna in 1990. She started her research activities in Italtel SIT society. From 1992 to 1994, she worked for FUB under the RACE “ATDMA” project funded by the EU. During 1995, she carried out research activities on adaptive planning of cellular systems for CSELT in Turin (TiLab). In 1998 she received the Ph. D in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the University of Bologna.

In FUB she is expert on radio spectrum following the studies carried out by European and International bodies (CEPT, ITU, ETSI) on harmonisation and efficient use of spectrum and collaborates on the definition of new 5G systems specifications for IoT applications.

Author of many papers published in international conferences and journals, she performs training activities on topics related to advanced radio systems. She is currently responsible for a Teaching Module at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Cesena.