Manuel Faccioli

Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Bologna in 2010.

He qualified to practice the profession in the following year. In FUB at the end of the study’s course with the task of providing support to the Mise during the analogic TV Switch-Off, calculating the broadcaster coverage, the criticality of the transition as well as interfering abroad.

The interest and the acquired skills lead to the collaboration with AGCOM, through the supply of programs dedicated, with ARPA, with measures and assessments of environmental impact, realization of the software for the FUB’s “HELP Interferenze” service, in which are evaluated the interferences suffered from DVB-T due to LTE network, as well as geographic data processing.

He collaborates in various projects, for different bodies such as ENEL and RSE, evaluating the coverage and the interference between the different telecommunication systems, from the IoT, in its various nuances, to the potentials and problems of 5G.