Andrea Garzia

Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Bologna in 2010, he obtained professional qualification.

In FUB since 2010, he worked on a project related to analogical national television switch-off, where he dealt with elaboration of coverage and service maps of radio-television broadcasters. By virtue of the improved skills in radio frequency propagation and management of databases, he supports the MiSE in the management of television data and carries out national coverage and national/foreign territory interference analysis in relation to MiSE and AGCOM projects.

In 2015 he worked on ASPI (Autostrade Per l’Italia) study project of the feasibility of DAB service in road tunnels. In the HELP INTERFERENCE project he treated the interference analysis of the LTE network on the DVB-T service. Actually he also works on REFARMING and QoS MOBILE projects, e.m.f. monitoring with ARPA and deals with study and analysis activities related to 5G e IoT.