Francesco Matera

Foto Matera

Received the Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1985 (110 with laude).

Since 1986, he has been Researcher at FUB where he is expert on optical fibres, optical systems, optical networks, nonlinear effects and recently on NGN and QoS.

He was member of the European COST 239, COST 241 and  COST266 and he took part in the European Projects ESTHER, UPGRADE, E-Photon-ONE, BONE and  mPlane.

He was the Scientific Coordinator of the European IST ATLAS project, that implemented the first field experimental demonstration of a 8×40 Gb/s optical communication system operating in a link 500 km long including the all optical wavelength conversion of channels along the line.

He was Adjunct Professor at Electronic Engineering Faculty of Universities of Bari and Cassino.

He is Author of about 130 international publications and about 160 Conference papers. He is also one of the Authors of the book: “Nonlinear Optical Communication Networks” Wiley 1996.

Since 2018 he is one of the two members of the FUB Technical/Scientific Audit.