Renato Menicocci

He gratuated in Electronic Engineering at University of Rome La Sapienza in ‘91.

For FUB, as a cryptography and ICT security expert, he’s worked as a researcher (1992-2000) and as a consultant (2003-‘07), and works again as a researcher (2008-). He worked for GEMPLUS as a cryptography and ICT security expert (2000-‘02). He received a research fellowship on SCARD (EU-FP6) from University of Rome La Sapienza (2004-‘06). He’s been a delegate at ISO/JTC1 SC 27 Security Techniques and Mechanisms. He’s been the principal FUB investigator in ASSERT4SOA (EU-FP7) (2010-‘13), CUMULUS (EU-FP7) (2012-‘15), and RSE – Cybersecurity 2018. As an expert of ICT security evaluation and certification, he’s been serving CeVa ISCOM and OCSI (Ministry of Economic Development) (2006-). He served the Security Committee of OCTAVE (EU-H2020) (2015-17).

He’s acted as a teacher in several academic contexts, and as a consultant in several industrial contexts. He’s author of several scientific works published in international journals or conference proceedings.