Support to MISE in 5G study and diffusion activities

The project aims to support the Italian Ministry of Economic Development in activities for the exploitation of the 5G technology and the efficient management of the radio spectrum (paragraph 1041 of Law 205/2017).


The main goals of the project are:

  • to implement specific trials and to create laboratories, consistently with the objectives of the European Commission’s 5G Action Plan;
  • to support the Italian Ministry of Economic Development in the implementation of a national monitoring system aimed at ensuring the efficient management of the radio spectrum;
  • to create and integrate digital archives containing all the information needed to properly manage the radio spectrum.


The activities carried out within the project allow Mise, and therefore the Italian State, to acquire knowledge and conduct experimentations useful to exploit the opportunities provided by 5G, in order to foster the development of the country. These activities are essential to avoid any form of digital divide, both in terms of band and digital service availability.


In 2018, in order to achieve the project objectives, FUB supports Mise-Dgscerp in activities concerning:

  • the study of the paradigms characterizing the new 5G systems (in particular, issues related to capacity enhancement, massive connectivity, ultrareliable capability) and the experimentation activities regarding the bands of frequencies for 5G above 60 GHz (see also RSPG 18-005 FINAL opinion);
  • the analysis for the implementation of an electromagnetic spectrum monitoring network useful to support an efficient use of the spectrum and to prevent interference phenomena;
  • the development of a digital archive concerning the use of frequencies in the 5G spectrum bands, belonging to Mise-Dgscerp, and its integration with the “Database of rights of use of network operators”.