The “Do not Call Registry” [Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni] was established by Presidential Decree no.178/2010 in the aim of reaching a balance between the needs of citizens who do not want to receive advertising calls and the needs of enterprises that will be able to use enhanced telemarketing tools in a more ordered and transparent environment.

The service, started on January 31st 2011, has marked the shift from an opt-in to an opt-out structure, allowing the European Commission to close its infringement procedure against Italy for the use of databases collected without clear consent of users.

Citizens who do not want to receive advertisement or commercial calls can use the “Do Not Call Registry” to protect their privacy, as including their phone number in the registry list does express their opposition to telemarketing; otherwise, the principle of “tacit consent” applies.

Telemarketing operators who use telephone directories for their campaigns are asked to subscribe to the Registry and communicate to the Registry Manager the list of numbers they wish to contact, which will be sent back to them after eliminatingof the numbers of users who have subscribed to the Registry.

The service is free of charge for citizens, while the use for telemarketing operators is subject to a fee, as per Ministerial Decree of the MISE.

The Ministry of the Economic Development – Department for Communications – has entrusted FUB to create and manage the “Do not Call Registry” by means of a service agreement.