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The Telecommunications Area - Networks and Spectrum, brings together knowledge and skills in the field of fixed, mobile and broadcast networks. This area works on projects related to the design, implementation and management of telecommunication networks (TLC), where the individual network segments are considered within a unified vision of planning and management, mirroring the process in fifth-generation networks (5G). Additionally, the area carries out projects involving the integration of telecommunication networks with other types of networks, such as electricity grids, road networks, industrial districts and all those vertical sectors that can benefit from telecommunications through more efficient and secure management and the provision of new digital-based services.

Head: Luca Rea

The development of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), with its related services, is bringing forward the convergence of fixed and mobile networks, giving a central role to the management policies of the radioelectric spectrum on one hand and, on the other, overcoming the traditional distinction between networks based on fixed and radio technologies. As a consequence, the radio spectrum requires harmonized, coordinated and efficient management if it is to respond to the general increase in demand generated by current and future services.



Consequently, the Telecommunications Area – Networks and Spectrum cultivates multiple skills, which enable technical support to be supplied to government bodies (central and local). In particular, it promotes scientific innovation, lending its support to the definition of regulatory processes and furnishing technical tools and operational skills for the nation’s digital transition. Issues surrounding the use of software in network components are also explored. Specifically, projects relating to Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are studied and implemented, including MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) technologies, intrinsically linked to the specificities of individual vertical sectors.



The Telecommunications Area – Networks and Spectrum supports the Government in development and coordination within the European (CEPT) and international (ITU) context concerning radio spectrum coordination and Quality of Service in TLC networks.



The FUB is continuously conducting research activities in this area, as shown by articles published in journals and conferences, collaboration with other international scientific bodies and participation in European research and development projects.


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