Technological evolution – particularly fast in the mobile communications field – is characterized by the coexistence of networks, based on different technologies and standards (second, third and fourth generation), offering different features and performance, but still capable of interoperating to optimize the final quality for end users.

Quality of Service (QoS) plays a fundamental role in a healthy and competitive market and is strictly linked to European standardization activities carried out within ETSI, in particular referring to:

  • QoS parameters
  • QoS assessment methods

The Italian regulator AGCOM issued directives on Quality of Service and on relevant Charters for main electronic communication services, prescribing operators to provide “comparable, adequate and updated information concerning offered services”, thus providing end users with an adequate tool to compare service offers.

The considered services are:

  • Landline telephony (Deliberations no.254/04/CSP and no.79/09/CSP)
  • Personal and mobile communications (Deliberations no.104/05/CSP and no.79/09/CSP)
  • Pay-tv (Deliberation no. 278/04/CSP)
  • Fixed Internet access (Deliberations no.131/06/CSP and no.244/08/CSP)