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ProcedurA RilaScIo FrequenzA tv Locali
Ministry of Economic Development

The project (MiSE-DGSCERP) provides the Ministry with all technical and operational tools to complete the procedure of voluntary release of frequencies by the local broadcasters.


The project enables the solution of the problems arising from radio interference caused, against the neighboring countries, from Italian television operators operating in the local area. The ultimate solution of such problems, reported since the beginning of the transition process to digital terrestrial television, has led to an important and recognised image gain for Italy in the european scenario.


For the realization of the objectives referred to MISE MEF Decree of 17 April 2015 the PARSIFAL project is structured in the following activities:

  1. support to the Ministry to define the economic value of radio frequencies for each of the 12 regions involved in the voluntary release procedure;
  2. support to the Ministry in the recognition of radio frequency rights of use allocated to local broadcaster;
  3. design and implementation of the web interface for online submission of applications for participation in tenders;
  4. study and implementation of appropriate calculation algorithms required for the proper application of DM 17 April 2015 and preparation of the regional lists of the new user rights holders;
  5. IT management of applications and Help Desk;
  6. cluster analysis for the preparation of regional master plan containing the calendar of shutdowns and / or transitions to new frequency of radio transmitters involved;
  7. calculation of fees payable to participants;
  8. management, maintenance and updating of the National Register of Frequencies;
  9. management and monitoring of the shutdown and / or transition operations;
  10. collaboration with regional Ministry Dependencies.