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HD Italy Forum (HDFI) has two objectives: to foster technical self-regulation and to accompany the commercial development of high definition, understood as a family of formats targeted to improve more and more the viewers’ quality of experience. On the first goal, HDFI copes with various dissemination documents and, especially, with the so-called "HD Book Collection", a set of specifications for terrestrial receivers, satellite and broadband, periodically updated for voluntary adoption by consumer electronics stakeholders operating in Italy. The second objective is pursued with various initiatives aimed at producing and demonstrating HD content of particular value.

Initially, the focus was on the format 1080 x 1920 interlaced, i.e. the one adopted in 2006 and still in operation for the broadcasting of HD content in Italy. Since 2010 HDFI, has broadened its field of action: interactive and on-demand TV, plano-stereoscopic 3D TV, the second screen (tablet and smartphone apps coupled to over-the-air television programs), and Ultra High Definition (4K). The latter is now present on all high-end television sets, as an obvious market driver. In this evolutionary framework, essential topics are the broadcasting technologies DVB-S2 and DVB-T2, the content coding techniques HEVC, DASH, and CENC. Today HDFI focuses on high temporal resolution formats (from 100fps on), on standards for a broader colour space and for high dynamic range.

FUB contributes to the technical specifications, while ensuring that the evolution of the market respects the interests and rights of the citizens. Thanks to a specific statutory provision of the HDFI, FUB holds the deputy presidency of the Association.