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Support the Italian Patent and Trademark Office
Management of applicative processes relevant to the current laws and regulations
Ministry of Economic Development

To provide support to UIBM in the identification, design and implementation of business processes relevant to regulatory requirements and implementation of quality systems, with particular reference to structures in direct contact with citizens.


Improvement of operational processes related to the implementation of the provisions for the protection of patents and trademarks.


Several laws and regulations have been issued mainly with the aim to create a coherent body of law, which requires the public administration to develop and adopt organisational and procedural models to guarantee efficiency and transparency to citizens.

These requirements apply both to well-established regulatory environments, and during the development of new rules that, in a modern PA, should take into account the various possible alternatives of implementation from the early stage of the drafting.

FUB has developed a strong expertise in the analysis and design of business processes, applying international good practices that have become a key asset for private enterprises whith highly efficient structures.

In the project this expertise is used and applied in the following areas:

  1. Preparation of new rules. The comparison between the draft rules and the relevant realisation processes allows experts to identify set that can be realised with the highest operational efficiency;
  2. Improvement of existing rules and, in particular, support in the evaluation of the cost / benefit ratio of specific provisions of the law;
  3. Improvement of the organisational efficiency of the operating structures of the PA
  4. Identification, design and implementation of operational processes related to regulatory requirements;
  5. Preparation of quality systems, with particular reference to structures in direct contact with citizens.