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Award for the rights of use in the 1452-1492 MHz band
Ministry of Economic Development

The Foundation has assisted the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (DGSCERP) in:

  1. preparing the call for tender and the rules for the award of rights of use
  2. developing the IT tools for the conduct of awarding procedures;
  3. supporting the Ministry in the management of the auction

Italy was among the first countries in Europe to make the L-band available for mobile network operators, further to the previous assumption to employ that band for DAB radiobroadcasting systems. With the assignment of the L-band, or the first time the rights of use for Supplemental Downlink (SDL) have been assigned in Italu. This has allowed to meet the asymmetric user traffic needs, as typically more data traffic is generated from the network to terminals than viceversa.


The Foundation has provided the Ministry with the necessary technical and operational support during all the phases of the awarding procedures.

The Foundation has prepared the call for tenders and the rules for the auction, following the provisions in the Statement no. 659/15/CONS issued by the National Regulatory Authority (AGCOM).

The Foundation has devised the definition of all the auction mechanisms, including initial bids, activation of the competitive improvement phase, waive, closure of the auction.

Adequate assistance was provided to the participants, including prior training for the competitive improvement phase, provision of updated  information at the end of each round and broad technical and operational support (software assistance, system assistance, logistics).

The Foundation has designed and implemented the necessary IT tools to ensure the smooth running of the auction, taking care of automated procedures for real-time tracking of the rounds, bids and rebounds and the general progress of the auction. In addition, procedures for updating and communicating data to both participants and the Ministry at the end of each round have been set up.