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Support to MISE in the transition of the 700MHz band to 5G
Ministry of Economic Development

The overall aim of the project is to support the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, and in particular the General Directorate for Electronic Communication, Broadcasting and Postal Services, to deal with refarming of the 700MHz band for allocation to 5G technology and with a roadmap for deployment of 5G networks, services and applications, in Italy, until 2022 (paragraph 1039 of the Law 205/2017).


The activities carried out within the project allow MISE, and therefore the Italian State, to better prepare the transition of the country to 5G, as planned by the EU directives, by 2022. In particular, this transition is fostered through the refarming of the 700 MHz band, with the consequent rearrangement of the television sector in Network Operators and Suppliers of Audiovisual Media Services, and the assignment of the other pioneer bands designated for 5G.


The project provides support to MISE-DGSCERP for:


  1. the definition of geographical transition areas and the preparation of scientific and technical tools for the simulation of propagation and interference;
  2. the verification of the scenarios deriving from the new National Frequency Assignment Plan and the national Roadmap;
  3. the identification of a model for the potential interference phenomena originating from the emissions of the base stations compared to the users' TV reception systems;
  4. defining the procedures for the implementation of international agreements on this subject;
  5. the creation of analysis tools for the definition, simulation and verification of the technical rules deriving from international coordination agreements;
  6. the preparation and conduction of auctions for the use of the 3.6-3.8GHz and 26.5-27.5 GHz bands, including post-tender activities;
  7. the development of experimental studies on the coexistence of different technologies in the pioneering bands designated to 5G, including the implementation of tests of propagation and coverage of the radio signal at different frequencies;
  8. the drafting of official documents for the conduction of tender procedures and the preparation of rankings, both in the case of Network Operators (OR) and of Audiovisual Media Services Providers (FSMA);
  9. the management and monitoring of the technical operations for the release of the 700 MHz band, including the relations with MISE (in particular, with the Territorial Inspectorates involved for the aforesaid operations);
  10. the analysis, design, implementation and training related to the digitalization of archives and processes of MISE-DGSCERP for the management of the rights of use of the spectrum for television broadcasting activities.