Cristina Delogu


Graduated in Psycholinguistics at the University of Rome La Sapienza (1985), she has been Researcher at FUB since 1986.

She was Visiting Researcher at many Usa and European research laboratories, and she is the author of numerous articles in books, journals and conference proceedings.

As part of research projects funded by the European Union, she developed methodologies for quality assessing of speech systems, as well as morphological and syntactical models of spoken language for dialogue systems.

Expert in the development of innovative methodologies for the design and evaluation of multimedia applications, she contributed to the tecnical drafting of the Legge Stanca 4, 2004 for accessibility, and drew up the guidelines for designing interactive digital TV.

She worked at new e-learning models by coordinating a unit of a FIRB MIUR project.

She developed User Experience for APP for cultural heritage in MIBAC projects.

She is involved in RPO and LTE projects.