Filomena Papa


Born in 1956. Graduated in Electronic Engineering (with honours) in 1980 from the University of Rome. Specialised in Organisational Sciences from the School “S3 Studium” of Rome in 1990. Since 1981 she is with Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB). Until 1986 her research activity was in the field of television systems (subjective evaluation of image quality, digital signal processing, redundancy reduction) and she was Italian Delegate of the CCIR study group 11. In 1987 she joined the FUB human factors group, performing experimental research in videoconferencing and multimedia systems in distance learning, distance work ed telemedicine. About these topics she was involved as Italian expert in EU RACE Program, the EU Cost 212 Project and the ETSI HF1 study group. She worked at several research projects: promoted by the Italian Ministry of Communications and of Labour, inside the ESA Olympus Program, inside the EU RACE Program (also as work package leader), inside the EU ACTS Program (FUB technical manager of the CRABS Project). Recently she participated in several projects about: the monitoring of the six projects promoted by FUB to experiment t-government services with real users, the evaluation of user experience during the transition to Digital Terrestrial television in the different Italian regions, the user experience evaluation of an ICT system for crisis managers training (EU FP7 Pandora Project). In 2012 she was co-chair of the track “Media, Social and Economic studies” in the 10th European Interactive TV Conference. Currently she is work package leader of the WP6 “Pilots and evaluation” in the EasyReach Project of the EU AAL Programme. In the same project she coordinates the Roma Pilot with the direct involvement of elderly users. Her current research interests include: adoption models of ICT, user experience evaluation in ICT services, user acceptance models of ICT services by elderly users.