Massimo Celidonio

He received the electronic engineering degree from the University of Rome in 1991.
In the same year he joined Ugo Bordoni Foundation as a researcher in the Radiocommunication Area, working on the subject of broadband wireless access.
At first he focused his activities in the field of coding techniques for video signal source and channel coding in the transmission of digital data.
Later he studied innovative network architectures for broadband wireless access and contributed in the exploitation and regulation of new radio technologies in Italy. In this context, he took part at the experimental activities to test the performance of WiFi, WiMax and HiperLan technologies.
He participated, on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development, at the ECC/TG4 working group, in the framework of a CEPT mandate, for the definition of harmonized recommendations at European level relating to the use of the digital dividend.
Over the years he also participated in several European projects, also taking the role of coordinator of several working groups.
He is conducting studies on the use of LTE and LTE Advanced in the UHF band focusing his interest on the effects of interference effects on the DVB-T signal and is participating to the technical committee, set up by the MISE, jointly to mobile operators and television broadcasters.
He is also currently involved in several national and international projects. In particular in the EDISON European project, of which FUB has the technical direction, are being addressed issues related to energy saving through the use of ICT technology.