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Activities for citizens

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Our statute says that FUB’s activities shall be addressed mainly to the government bodies and independent authorities with the intention to provide technical and scientific support to digitising public services and spreading digital culture, and pursuing the goal of enhancing innovation’s benefits towards modernization of the Country, citizen protection, and democratic processes.


Growing ubiquity of ICTs and the resulting service digitisation offer governmental bodies new opportunities to adopt innovative tools for citizens. Use of digital services is affected by trust levels in digital networks, and spreading it depends on maintaining appropriate levels of security as well as ensuring of fundamental rights’ exercise in cyberspace, particularly when it comes to privacy.


Fondazione Ugo Bordoni promotes and harmonic development of ICT sector, providing it’s expertise in fields such as QoS monitoring and cybersecurity to operators, public bodies and independent authorities responsible for citizen protection. Moreover, FUB fulfills it’s Statute’s provisions by designing and managing public services directly to citizens on behalf of responsible public bodies.



Convention between Fondazione Ugo Bordoni and LTE Mobile Telephony Operators

HELP Interferences is a service supporting citizens suffering interferences in the reception of digital terrestrial TV signal caused by LTE mobile telephony systems. 


Implementation and deployment of Italian NRA Resolution 244/08/CSP, concerning the measurements of Internet fixed access service quality. Measurements refer to network performance both at the end user's home and at regional measurement points.

Ministry of Economic Development

Service to protect privacy of citizens and regulate the management of telemarketing.

The growing pervasiveness of information and communication technologies and the digitalisation of services offer new opportunities for citizens, but also new challenges for an informed use of the technology by consumers and economic players.


The information society modifies the concept of citizenship and the definition of rights, and it represents a unique opportunity for public administrations to adopt innovative tools in order to reduce the gap between government and citizens.


At the same time, it is highly desirable to strengthen the trust in the digital networks guaranteeing a high level of digital security and the respect of fundamental rights in the cyber space, with a particular attention to privacy.


Fondazione Ugo Bordoni promotes a balanced development of the ICT sector, providing technical-scientific support in terms of quality of service and digital security to operators, PAs and Independent Authorities for consumer protection.


FUB is also committed in promoting citizens empowerment and awareness about their rights in the fields of electronic communications, fruition of audio-visual, and privacy.


Furthermore, FUB:

  1. Protects citizens with innovative, accessible, effective and high quality services

  2. Facilitates the use of new digital services

  3. Supports specific actions to improve access to goods and services and to remove barriers to the development of digital economy