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Activities for government bodies

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Government and public services are the main actors Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB) carries out its activity for.


Fondazione Bordoni traditionally holds a strategic role in ICT as technical advisor for the State, particularly regarding matters of telecommunications policies and spectrum management for the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) and for the National Communications Authority (AGCOM). In the last years its role has become even stronger, having been FUB identified to support MISE in spreading 5G technology with particular regards to monitoring 5G pilots, assisting in the 700 MHz band release and assigning these frequencies to 5G, and to carry out research and trials on 5G applications.


Digitisation is a compelling force bound to revolution all areas of government activities. The spread of innovative services and the development of even more advanced ones is subject to availability and usage of performing networks and technologies. In particular technologies as 5G, IoT, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence will deeply affect development policies in all sectors. This will lead to the need of cross-sectoral policies where FUB will be able to play a pivotal role between MISE competences and the ones of other involved actors.


The extension of our reach to government bodies other than MISE is demanded in first place by the evolution of ICT and constitutes for FUB an opportunity to fulfill its role identified by the law, as well as a chance to diversify sources of funding and to ensure financial stability.


To date Fondazione Bordoni cooperates actively with the following government bodies:


  1. Ministry of economic development (MISE), in particular with:

    1. General direction for radio spectrum planning and management (DGPGSR)

    2. General direction for electronic communications, broadcasting and postal services (DGSCERP)

    3. General direction for electric market, renewable energies, energy efficiency, nuclear energy (DGMEREEN)

    4. Higher Institute for communications and information technologies (ISCOM)

    5. General direction for counterfeiting contrast - Italian patent and trademark office (UIBM)

  2. Ministry of infrastructures and transportation (MIT) - general direction for informational and statistical systems (DGSIS)

  3. National communications authority (AGCOM)

  4. Agency for digital Italy (AGID)

  5. National anticorruption agency (ANAC)

  6. Regional agency for environment protection, Emilia - Romagna (ARPA-ER)


Ministry of Economic Development

Monitoring and verification of 5G projects developed within the pre-commercial trials in radio spectrum 3.6 - 3.8 GHz. Public Notice of 16 March 2017 (Determine Directorate Prot. N 18436).

Ministry of Economic Development, RSE

The aim of the project is to evaluate the 5G network performance in the energy sector, by considering specific use cases to promote "smart energy" applications based on capillary monitoring and reliable information of the power grid.


PagoPA is an ecosystem that allows citizens and businesses to electronically payments according to specific rules, standards, and tools accepted by the PA, banks, post offices and other payment institutions.

Ministry of Economic Development, Mobile Network Operators

The project concerns the assessment of the impact on GSM quality due to the refarming of the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency bands.

Ministry of Economic Development

The Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, on behalf of the Dgtpi-Uibm, studies and implements innovative identification tools of counterfeiting sites through the use of automatic learning methods.

Ministry of Economic Development

The project aims to support the Italian Ministry of Economic Development in activities for the exploitation of the 5G technology and the efficient management of the radio spectrum (paragraph 1041 of Law 205/2017).

Ministry of Economic Development

The project aims at supporting the Italian Ministry of Economic Development to deal with refarming of the 700MHz band for allocation to 5G technology and with a roadmap for deployment of 5G networks, services and applications, in Italy, until 2022.

Ministry of Economic Development

The project deals with the creation and management of an information system for the submission of the specific anti-counterfeiting products offered on the market and of a site-showcase with the presentation of the anti-counterfeiting technologies.

FUB is strongly committed to activities with a high technological innovation and growth potential. In particular, FUB provides an extensive contribution to the development of ICT through the promotion of the following objectives:

  1. Overcoming barriers to innovation (digital divide, lack of standards, limited or excessive regulations)

  2. Digital literacy in Public Administrations (PAs) and Small and Medium-sised Enterprises (SMEs)

  3. Innovation of top-down services

FUB is technical advisor of the process for the innovation of the Italian digital ecosystem, according to the European framework. FUB is therefore a key partner of institutions and companies with regards to its in-depth scientific expertise, impartiality and neutrality.


In addition to its enviable track record in delivering research outcome of high impact in the spectrum management and new generation networks, the focus on other research areas such as smart cities, big data, cloud computing, ICT networks efficiency and security has allowed FUB to recommend and provide effective solutions in other emerging fields (e.g. energy).


Fondazione mainly works through awarding contracts or consultancy to public bodies, consortia, and private companies. Projects might also be funded by the framework programmes of the European Union, or national and regional call for proposals.


The activities carried out within the projects are made possible by long-term basic scientific research that FUB has always supported and developed in order to strengthen scientific competences and to deliver improved solutions.