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Image Research

Fondazione Ugo Bordoni carries out research activities in Telecommunications and Information technologies cooperating with government bodies and national and international universities and research institutes.


Our statute requires that our research activity be partly funded by dedicated projects, even in partnership with other scientific organisations, in order to support acquisition of knowledge useful to foster state of the art competences, in line with the fast evolution of ICTs. Research activities are rooted in scientific insights of ongoing projects and activities in order to monitor the most promising advanced trends and to use outcomes to design and implement digital services.


Calls for public funding of applied research and innovation are among the top tools useful to support such projects. To this end FUB carries out a steady scouting activity on public funding opportunities by European as well as National and Regional calls, mutually reinforcing with italian and european research bodies when it occurs.


In this respect FUB has recently signed an agreement with Fondazione Bruno Kessler for the acquisition of research and innovation funds for projects on the topics of 5G telecommunication networks, cybersecurity, blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence.


Over the years FUB has developed a rich network of relationships in both national and international scientific and institutional communities, enhancing its technical and scientific know-how, its role as partner, and its public profile. The network of relationships extends to national and international technical bodies - often on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development, industrial interest groups and working groups linked to European research programmes.