Gaetano Bruno

Graduated in Electronic Engineer in 1986. He was Systems analyst in Electronica SpA in 1986.

In FUB (1987-2000) he focused on specification languages and convergence between fixed and mobile telephony and Internet. He also managed the email service of FUB.

At the Gemplus R&D lab in Rome (2000-2002) he was a technical manager.

In 2003 he is back to FUB, working on Digital Terrestrial Television (events at conferences, databases on the deployment of the transition, information meetings, testbed for testing the features of DTT receivers, Agcom project “Decoder”, European project “EasyReach”).

Since June 2015, for the project “Quality of Service of Internet access”, commissioned by Agcom, he has been responsible for the helpdesk to the users who need an official certification of the performance of their Internet access from a fixed location.

Since November 2015, for the project “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” he has been responsible for the service to subscribers.