Nicolò Cardamore

Foto Cardamone

He obtained the M.Sc. Degree in “Engineering in Computer Science” at La Sapienza defending a thesis on Malware Analysis and “DWT and QR code based watermarking for document DRM” published on “Digital Forensics and Watermarking 2019” and presented at IWDW 2018 in Jeju Island, Korea.


After an experience in Vitrociset, he consolidated his skills in the Cyber Security sector dealing with VA and PT of a NIDS product and developing an AI model based on Deep Learning able to detect threats on the network through Anomaly Detection techniques.

In FUB since 2019, he deals with projects in the Cyber Security area, mainly working in collaboration with MISE on the design and development of the National Evaluation and Certification Center defining the security tests that will be performed on products in the National Security Perimeter.