Elena Mammi

Received the Degree with honours in Electronic Engineering from the University of “Roma Tre” in 2007, with a thesis on techniques for copyright protection developed at the Tampere University of Technology.

In 2011 she received from the University of “Roma Tre” the Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering, with a thesis on packet oriented channel coding developed at FUB laboratories.

After working at Selex Communication DSP laboratories, since 2011 she has been in FUB, collaborating on projects with AGCOM such as MisuraInternet and ConfrontaOfferte, European project MPlane and projects with ENEL and RSE.

She was responsible for the Q5G project with ISCOM on the issue of Quality of Service in 5G networks.

Her main research interests are on 5G system with special reference to network, network coding and quality of service.