Lorenzo Pulcini

Received the Telecommunication Engineering degree from ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome.

He joined FUB in 2002 as a researcher. In FUB he increased his expertise in the Radiocommunication Area, with specific focus on broadband wireless access network technologies and architectures. He collaborated to the coordination of technological WiMax trials in Italy.

He was been involved in two EC projects focused on the provisioning of infomobility and road safety services (SafeTRIP project), as well as on the adoption of ICT-based solutions in order to reducing energy consumptions in buildings (EDISON project). On behalf of FUB, he works in AgID within the pagoPA project dealing with the management process of electronic payments towards the Public Administration.

Author of numerous scientific publications, his current research interests are focused on 5G mobile communications as well as interference between DVB-T and LTE signals operating in the UHF digital dividend band.