Immagine servizi digitali


Digital Services

Digital Services Area groups projects supporting public administrations in design, implementation, and management of digital services to the citizen. Digital Services Area beholds competences in process analysis, design and development of services used by citizens and delivers technological platforms and tools for an agile, structured and certified control of information flows and organizational processes.

As a matter of fact, digitalisation of administrative procedures is at the core of all digital growth strategies and European plans towards the digital single market for the full implementation of the European Digital Agenda. This implies use of innovative technologies (blockchain, optimisation artificial intelligence, Cloud and data analysis) and methodologies that, ensuring compliance with the regulations and constraints imposed by Italian and European legislation, allow the deployment of efficient, effective, interoperable and robust systems and platforms.


Growing attention is given to competences of administration’s internal processes reengineering. Specifically, a software factory has been established in the Area in order to foster systems and platforms analysis, design and development skills. Solutions are shared with public administrations and other Areas of FUB needing software components alike. The skills on innovative technologies within the factory allow the Area to contribute in an interdisciplinary way to projects in other areas.


Software applications are developed using state of the art open source technologies, and defining common frameworks and methodologies in order to maximize code reuse, as well as aiming at reduced operating costs by developing systems for automation and for service internal processes optimisation. Furthermore, knowledge of blockchain solutions’ methodologies and fields of application will drive their pilot implementation in public administrations processes management.


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