Alessio Beltrame

Foto Beltrame

Organization, Planning and Project Development Directorate

Since 1 February 2018 Director of Organization, Planning and Project Development Directorate.

Born on 24 May 1972 in Prato, Italy.

In 1998 he obtained a degree in Information Sciences at the University of Florence presenting a research thesis entitled “A new data structure for partial match queries”.

After his graduation and until February 1999 he did an internship at the Italian Research Centre for Telecommunications (CSELT – Centro Studi e Laboratori di Telecomunicazioni) in Turin.

For the nine years from 2000 to 2009 he was employed by Infogroup SPA in Florence, a company operating in the ICT sector of the Intesa Sanpaolo group, now Engineering, where he worked as a software engineer, an IT system architect, a Project Manager on complex software development projects.

From 2009 to 2014 he was Councillor of the Province of Prato with responsibility for Simplification, Innovation and Information System, Government of the Territory, Budget.

From April 2014 to February 2018 he was Head of the Secretariat of the Under-secretary for Economic Development responsible for communications.

In this period he was a representative of the Ministry of Economic Development in the Steering Committee of Agid, a member of the Steering Committee of Infratel, the Chairman of the Steering and Monitoring Committee of SINFI (National Federated Information System of Infrastructures above and below ground).