5G Monitoring

Experimental 5G Pilot monitoring within 3700-3800 MHz radio spectrum.

Monitoring and verification of 5G projects developed within the pre-commercial trials in radio spectrum 3.6 - 3.8 GHz. Public Notice of 16 March 2017 (Determine Directorate Prot. N 18436).


The 5G experimentation process in Italy, which involves 5 cities, pursues the dual goals of offering the opportunity to experiment with pre-commercial services by analysing technological and market opportunities, as well as providing the Country with the chance to test the advantages deriving from adoption of 5G. Monitoring consists to ensure the subjects that obtained the frequencies are developing projects according to commitments, and to provide the Country with the useful elements to estimate the benefits induced by the new radio paradigm.


Italy will be able to identify the best practices immediately achievable to improve digitalization and to better deploy new infrastructures. By means of a concrete experience, Italy will be able to share it in Europe, through communication and dissemination activities, and to contribute to standardization bodies.

These considerations make the monitoring activity crucial in the experimentation, both for the benefit of companies and for the benefit entire Country. National 5G Roadmap will consider major results of the trial.


The project consists of monitoring and evaluating the performance of the 5G trials in the pilot cities. The main activity is to ensure the consistency with what declared by the individual teams during the experimental project presentation. For each city a consortium of companies (leaded by operators) has been individuated: Milan (Vodafone), L’Aquila and Prato (Wind-H3G, Open Fiber), Bari and Matera (TIM and Fastweb). Monitoring of projects related to 5G paradigm is more detailed as the complexity of the proposed projects is higher. The projects are transversal to several areas and will be evaluated according to several criteria that can be assimilated from the transmission aspects and quality of service (respect for specific KPIs) point of view.

As foreseen in article 13 of the public notice of March 16, 2017 (Determine Directorate Prot.n. 18436), Monitoring activities are carried out by grouping Projects declared by categories. The most peculiar project  related to specific environment (Vertical Project) are monitored and evaluated by using specific rules closer to the specific project requirements. A further and not secondary aspect of monitoring activities concerns the assessment of the electromagnetic impact of the new installations proposed during the project.


The activities essentially concern:


  1. Planning and coordination of the monitoring and verification process
  2. Time respect according to the project (networks and services deployment)
  3. Evaluation of the technical quality of the realization of the winning projects
  4. Evaluation of the project with reference to the social and economic utility of the implemented services
  5. Evaluation of the degree of involvement of the Institutions, of the PP.AA. and of the entrepreneurial fabric.

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