Speed Test App

The project consists in the implementation of an application for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS systems that provides QoS measurement in a manner equivalent to what is done via the Speed Test Online tool of Misurainternet.

The project involves the development of an App for smartphones and tablets, based on Android and iOS operating systems, for the use of the Misurainternet Speed Test via mobile devices. The application will be used for the timely evaluation of the quality of service of Internet access by end users, both via mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

The App is part of the Misurainternet framework, envisaging a client/server measurement system in which the client resides on a user device (mobile device) while the server is hosted on target devices (measurement servers) located at the main Italian IXPs, in order to guarantee the measurement of the operator’s access network only.

The measurements are carried out following the scientific methodology of the Ne.Me.Sys. software and are compliant with the ETSI ES 202 765 standard, as stipulated by the Misurainternet project, however they have no evidential value.

The application will be usable from both smartphones and tablets for Android and iOS systems, and is developed with open source code.

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