Study, research and support activities for DGSCERP

The project involves that the Ugo Bordoni Foundation will carry out study, research and support activities for the DGSCERP in order to complete the activities envisaged by paragraphs 1026 to 1046 of Article 1 of Law no. 205 of 27 December 2017, and technical/scientific and operational support for the implementation of the DAB digital radio plan, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1, paragraph 422 of Financial Law 197/2022.

The project involves the implementation of the following Lines of Activity:


  • Support activities for the development of the DAB Digital Radio Plan (Line of Activity A);
  • Technology Transfer Support Activities for the Enterprise and Made in Italy System (Line of Activity B)
  • Specialised activities in support of the Made in Italy Directorate (Line of Activity C):
    • specialist support activities to the Directorate, based on the needs identified by the latter. The possible divisions involved are Division I, Division III and Division IV;
    • Supporting and monitoring the transition to DVB-T2 and the new video coding techniques;
    • Development of new software features.


  • Support activities for the purposes of the completion of the provisions provided in paragraphs 1026 to 1046 of Article 1 of Law no. 205 of 27 December 2017, in line with the provisions of the Proposed Regulation for the reduction of costs for the deployment of broadband networks and the repeal of Directive 2014/61/EU (Gigabit Infrastructure Act) (Line of Activity D)


Line of Activity A is aimed at providing the necessary support to the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy in the procedures for the assignment of rights of use on the DAB networks planned by AGCOM Resolution 268/22/CONS (approval of the provisional National Plan for the assignment of the frequencies in the VHF-III band for the DAB+ digital radio broadcasting service). With regard to Line of Activity B, the project focuses on three thematic areas, next-generation telecommunications networks, Artificial Intelligence applications and Blockchain technologies, and involves the Foundation’s specialist support along lines agreed with the DGSCERP in order to enable the identification of possible intervention strategies by the Ministry. Line of Activity C, provides for the performance of specialist support activities to the Directorate, on the basis of the needs identified by it, such as examination and verification of the documentation received in the performance of its functions, file management, administrative process management, administrative process innovation and legal support. This Line also includes the support and monitoring of the transition to the new scenarios resulting from the new National Frequency Allocation Plan, focusing on the transformation process of the TV broadcasting technique from DVB-T to DVB-T2 and the introduction of the HEVC Main 10 video coding technique. Finally, Line of Activity C involves the implementation of new functionalities required by the DGSCERP, where further functional and operational needs emerge from the Directorate itself in relation to the application software already in use at the DGSCERP. Lastly, Line of Activity D will focus on all the aspects and in-depth studies connected with the development of the TLC ecosystem, both nationally and internationally, that have direct repercussions on the systems operating in the frequency bands intended for next-generation networks (both those defined as pioneer bands and those to be adopted in the future), in order to provide support to the Ministry in the management of contingent issues connected with interference problems, the efficient and dynamic use of the radio spectrum, and the identification of guidelines for upgrading national public networks, in order to make TLC networks effectively available throughout the territory, with a view to achieving widespread coverage and availability of the services enabled by fifth-generation networks.